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David Ridderheim - Artist, Doug McKibben - Everyday Star (E-14)




David Ridderheim
Former Parkview Hospital CEO

Doug McKibben
Everyday Star

The running children represent Doug McKibben’s interest in helping children of all ages, just one of his many gifts of giving to the community. Just a few examples of his generosity:

He helped create the Lifetime Sports Academy. Thousands of boys and girls have learned to swim, play golf or tennis in a free 7 week long outstanding summer program at McMillen Park.
As a long time member of Anthony Wayne Rotary Club he has helped in a major worldwide effort of Rotary to eradicate polio, in so doing enable children to not be crippled for life.
Doug is an active board member of the Fort Wayne Children’s Foundation, dedicated to the prevention of child abuse and neglect and to counseling and treating abused children and their families

This unassuming gentleman has chosen to focus his efforts in areas where his time, talent, and treasure can truly make an impact.