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Adelinn Cook - Artist, Jill Egizii - Everyday Star (H-17)



R_157_Adelinn_Cook_CanterburyAdelinn Cook
Student Artist
High School

Jill Egizii
Everyday Star

Divorce can be brutal, raging into full-scale warfare between couples and, too often, their children.  This extreme conflict pits one parent against the other and leaves the children struggling somewhere in the middle.  Hostile, aggressive parenting can manifest itself as parental alienation, resulting in the estrangement between parent and child.  Renowned author Jill Egizii is an advocate for parental alienation awareness and family rights.  One of her books is an autobiographical account of this devastating syndrome.   Her personal story illustrates how the destructive actions by an alienating parent or third party can become abusive – robbing the children of their sense of security, leaving them confused and frightened.  As president of the Parental Alienation Awareness Organization, Jill’s mission is to educate, broaden awareness, and reunite families.   She speaks out on television, radio, and online.  She provides personal and family counseling for victims…working hard to help them rebuild healthy and loving relationships.

The image of a mother embracing her baby represents the unconditional love between a parent and a child, a bond from birth.  Parental alienation destroys that bond.  Jill’s invaluable work helps to reclaim and preserve that love.