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Ales Pancner - Artist, Judge John Surbeck - Everyday Star (B-10)




Ales Pancner
Professional Artist

Judge John Surbeck
Everyday Star

Honorable Judge John Surbeck helped establish nationally recognized Re-entry program.  It is intensive court supervised mentoring program intended to help offender in their transition from prison to freedom.  This aspect of his influence on our community felt close to me since I, myself when I came to this country had no possessions, no home, no identity.  I can therefore easily imagine how difficult it may be for some offenders to again become part of the society.  The Re-entry program plays a key role in not only many inmates’ future, but for all of us sharing this wonderful place on the planet.

My painting depicts a person partially still jailed in prison clothing and heavy weight of the past but reaching out to positive new beginnings symbolized by shining sun, blooming flowers, living communities…simply peaceful freedom.  In many ways we all have the chance to reach out to help others…certainly Judge John Surbeck did.