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Chelsi Stout - Artist, Agnes Hamilton - Everyday Star (A-2)




Chelsi Stout
Student Artist
Concordia High School

Agnes Hamilton
Everyday Star

Agnes Hamilton not only left a powerful legacy to Fort Wayne during the 1800’s but her artworks are actually still being showcased here today. As a young woman, Agnes moved to Philadelphia to attend art school, but instead found her life’s work at the lighthouse settlement there. She spent the next 30 years pouring her marvelous energy into helping and empowering people. She advocated for children and pioneered the local branch of YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association). Agnes’ strength and generosity helped many people in early Fort Wayne. A statue was erected in downtown Fort Wayne and dedicated to Agnes and her cousins, Edith and Alice Hamilton who also did many charitable works in this community. 

The section of the painting I’ve chosen to honor Agnes fits perfectly - it includes a building in downtown Fort Wayne. When you are standing in front of the statue you can actually see that same building in the distance behind her. I painted the likeness of Agnes and a little girl in ghostly sort of way because her contributions to this community happened so very long ago. Her compassionate works are still making an impact – so, in a way, this remarkable woman lives on.