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Andy Boyden - Artist, Sue Sells, Everyday Star (A-13)




Andy Boyden
Professional Artist
Boyden & Youngblutt

Sue Sells
Everyday Star

How delicate is a hummingbird?  As delicate as life.  Fragile but energetic – gathering sights, sounds and memories every day.  Not unlike the life of Sue Sells.  Sue is my Everyday Star.  She’s an artist.  An amazing woman who created art from her photographs, enhancing then with printing techniques, hand coloring and computer programs.  So, why are a hummingbird and a camera dancing together in the painting?  To understand, you have to know a little more about Sue.  In 2009 she was diagnosed with lung cancer.  Even though she fought back and is now in remission, Sue ended up with a substantial pile of medical bills.  So in the spring of 2009 many of her friends and fellow artists came together for Mayfest, a local art auction to help raise money for her medical expenses.  In the years since, Sue has stayed involved with Mayfest and other charity auctions, raising money not for herself, but for others in need – giving back, making a difference, and doing good things through her art.

Just as the hummingbird and camera feed off each other in the painting, so too has Sue been engaged in a symbiotic dance of generosity with the local arts community.  Also in the painting are other symbols of Sue’s life.  A camera strap forms a cancer ribbon, which then becomes a paintbrush, which finally leads us back to the hummingbird.  In the same way that Sue was given the gift of time, she is now using her time to give back to others, completing the circle of giving and celebrating the joyous “art” of living.