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Jan McCauley - Artist, Art Eberhardt, Everyday Star (A-14)



Jan McCauley, Professional Artist

Art Eberhardt, Everyday Star

It doesn't cost a dime to be an everyday star...open your eyes, you are surrounded by them.  Generosity of spirit, mindfulness of the world in which we find ourselves, a determination to value the precious gift that is our moment here on planet Earth - that's everyday star material.   

Universally revered as a symbol of life, renewal and enlightenment, trees are the silent sentinels of our environment.  What better way to salute my everyday star, Art Eberhardt in honor of his years - make that decades - of dedication to the ACRES Land Trust, than to evoke their magic.  And so I offer this valentine to Mother Earth, to the stars in our world and most particularly, to the luminous soul of my friend, Art Eberhardt.