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Emily Stilwell - Artist, Mike Gouloff - Blessings in a Backpack - Everyday Star (C-9)




Emily Stilwell, Student Artist, Carroll High School

Mike Gouloff,
Everyday Star

When Fort Wayne architect Mike Gouloff became aware that almost 60% of elementary school children in Fort Wayne Community Schools were participating in the FWCS Free and Reduced Lunch Program, he was shocked. In 2007 Mike swung into action and established a local branch of the national “Blessings in a Backpack” program. Mike’s chapter of “Blessings” is now feeding hungry kids from 3 local elementary schools. Each Friday, the “Blessings” crew stuffs kids’ backpacks with enough food to nourish the hungry schoolchildren through an entire weekend. Possibly as a result of the added nutrition, these schools are recording better attendance and higher test scores.  Mike Gouloff’s strike at hunger makes him a true Everyday Star and a real hero for hundreds of kids.

In my painting I portray a backpack stuffed with food to illustrate Mike Gouloff’s marvelous efforts against child hunger in our community.