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Ruth Ann Sturgill - Artist, Mildred Brand, Everyday Star (A-17)



Ruth Ann Sturgill
Professional Artist

Mildred Brand
Everyday Star

Many people are fortunate enough to experience the blessing of being able to operate a motor vehicle their entire life, never having to deal with the imprisonment that can be the result of life dealing you a completely different hand. Not wanting to feel a burden to their family, or deal with the complexity of public transportation, many would opt to remain a prisoner in their own environments were it not for a quiet, humble angel named Mildred Brand, setting them free.
Whether it be transportation to the grocery, doctor appointments, the rescue mission or a trip to attend widow-to-widow gatherings, this long-time Ft. Wayne resident and successful business owner is still taking care of others needs- even though she has reached a time in her life when others would likely be taking care of her. Her giving is not limited to just short trips, either, as Mildred has gone as far as transporting someone as far away as two hours, one way. When I called her on June 16, 2011, to announce that she had been chosen as an Everday Star, I learned that it was also her 90th birthday, proving giving has no age limits. I call my piece "Touched by an Angel" in honor of Mildred.
Happy 90th Birthday, Mildred...you certainly earned your star!