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Jerry Youngblutt - Artist, Jeffery Kinnie - Everyday Star (B-7)




Jerry Youngblutt
Celebrity Artist
Boyden & Youngblutt

Jeffery Kinnie
Everyday Star

I met Jeffery for the first time at the Cookin’ Men event for Parkview Foundation.  Immediately upon meeting Jeffery, you realize this man is different than most people you will ever meet.  He treats everyone as though he has known them forever.  He puts others needs ahead of his own with rhythmic predictability and a smile in his eyes and on his face.

I realized Jeffery was the perfect selection for my “Everyday Star” as I was thinking back to the conversations he and I had at Cookin’ Men.  He told me that he had “left the track” as a younger man and wanted to spend the rest of his life making up for lost time in helping others and in setting the record straight as to who Jeffery Kinnie really is.

I have never met anyone that holds their employer in such high esteem as Jeffery holds Parkview.  He is so thankful for the opportunities that Parkview has given him that he feels obliged to always go above and beyond his official position.  He’s paying back and paying it forward every day.  Once his shift at Parkview ends, Jeffery wanders the halls asking the caregivers who hasn’t had a visitor that day.  You guessed it.  After finding out who has spent the day alone, Jeffery goes to their rooms and pays them a visit.  He does this every single day as a part of a demand he has placed on himself to do five selfless good deeds per day.

Before retiring for the night, Jeffery runs through his day in his mind carefully accounting for each good deed.  He is truly an exceptional human being that has found the true meaning of life – for himself anyway.  He has inspired countless numbers of people with his generosity.  He has definitely inspired me and now, after reading this, I hope he has inspired you, too.

All the power to you, Jeffery.