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Karen Harvey - Artist, Larry Snider - Everyday Star (B-14)




Karen Harvey
Professional Artist

Larry Snider
Everyday Star

Larry Snider is the volunteer coordinator for the Heartland Church Food Pantry, which is part of the Associated Churches Food Bank System in Allen County.  He has organized and staffed the current pantry (which serves 30 to 50 families each week) and has been involved with the pantry in some form on another for the past 8 years.  Larry has a special knack for affirming and valuing people, giving them a renewed sense of hope and care whether physical or spiritual.  You can find him most mornings buzzing busily around the pantry, stocking shelves, arranging items and bringing in newly acquired “treasure”.  Larry and his wife Carol (who also helps in the pantry) have been married for 41 years and have 4 grown children.  They really enjoy spending time together, taking a walk in the woods or perhaps hanging out at the local bookstore.