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Jerrod Tobias - Artist, John and Pam Steinbach - Everyday Stars (B-19)




Jerrod Tobias
Professional Artist

John Steinbach
Everyday Star

Pam Steinbach
Everyday Star

There is a simple peace of mind that is experienced through the relationship of neighbors and their gardens.  This piece is a reflection of the efforts of John and Pam Steinbach.  Their pursuits with Grassroots Green encourages local environmentally friendly practices.  This work flourished into the renewal of the 46807 zip code and is improving the culture of the neighborhood.  These undertakings are an encouraging affirmation of the vast potential in the city of Fort Wayne.  The basic components of sustainability and urban agriculture start at the grassroots level.  My family and I visited John and Pam and shared in their garden.  We invited them to come and share in ours.  It is refreshing to experience such a simple act bringing people together.  Their continued work moves toward the stitching together of people and place. This fabric of community will strengthen and enrich the lives of everyone within it.  This piece is a reflection of that basic essential relationship between man and nature.  We are a part of nature, and a part of one another.