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Madeleine Baker - Artist, John and Susanne Rogers - Everyday Stars (B-20)




Madeleine Baker
Celebrity Artist
Early Childhood Alliance Executive Director

John and Suzanne Rogers
Everyday Stars

One of the iconic families in our community, the Rogers Family has made an imprint in northeast Indiana, and we all recognize the name from the former grocery chain.  However, the family, led by John and Susanne Rogers, has created a philanthropic legacy, along with other notable families in our community.   

John and Susanne Rogers are passionate for our community and their contributions are recognized by several nonprofit organizations, including the United Way of Allen County, SCAN, and Early Childhood Alliance, to name a few.  Their commitment and passion for our community is infectious and they are so willing to give their talent, time and treasure to ensure that our community sustains itself well into the future.  Their passion is infectious and they engage others to participate, including their children, young adults who are now able to carry on the legacy of giving.  Through their giving, John and Susanne Rogers have greatly impacted the human services of northeast Indiana.

John and Suzie Rogers are two of the philanthropic couples in our community and have given so much with their resources and time.  John has served on the Early Childhood Alliance board and currently serves as the Facilities chair, and in that capacity he has assisted the organization with its strategic direction, with eyes toward the organization’s future growth.  Suzie has been the official photographer for ECA and has helped to capture the children at the child care centers who represent the future leaders of our community.  As a philanthropic couple, John and Suzie have worked tirelessly to promote and advocate for the importance of early education, the foundation for future of any community.