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Debra Kern - Artist, Stephanie Schultz - Everyday Stars (C-7)




Debra Kern
Professional Artist

Stephanie Schultz
Everyday Star

A native of Knoxville, Tennessee, Stephanie has been a Fort Wayne resident since 1997.  She dedicated time to working on projects like the Three Rivers Junction Playground and building the Aboite Trails network to improve the quality of life in her children’s hometown.  Her activism with the Fort Wayne Center for Learning was inspired by a family friend’s experience and subsequent founding of that organization.  She hopes her volunteer efforts will set an example of community involvement that will encourage her daughters to actively make their future homes – wherever those may be – into better places to live.  As an artist I have tried to do justice to as many of Stephanie’s contributions as possible.  Her work with the Aboite Trails and Greenway is depicted by a jogging foot with dog enjoying one of the many pathways.  A slide with two little girls in the lower left corner celebrates the Three Rivers Junction Playground, and on the right, a spiral notebook, ruler and pencils represents her involvement with the Center for Learning.
Bloom where you’re planted!