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Bill Shewman - Artist, Bill and Virginia Brown - Everyday Stars (C-14)




Bill Shewman
Professional Artist

Bill and Virginia Brown
Everyday Stars

The thing about a generous spirit is that it defines a person.  When we think of some people we get images of what they do for a living…or how they dress…or what they look like.  But when we think of someone who truly is a generous spirit, we don’t get an image as much as a “feeling” that says “here is a truly remarkable person.  I am a better person because I know them”. 

Bill and Virginia Brown are such spirits.  They have faithfully volunteered their time three days a week for over 20 years helping to feed, clothe, and comfort those in need through the “In As Much” ministry of Broadway Church in Fort Wayne.  If you ask them why they do what they do, you get a look like “what else would I be doing?”  It’s who they are.  Bill, a WWII Navy veteran, told me a story of when he was young and broke, and a stranger paid the hospital bill for Bill’s nine month old son who passed away.  He said “you just can’t pay that back”.  And Virginia told of a time in mid-winter when Bill came home without his coat because he had given it to someone who had no coat.

I am certain that if you met Bill or Virginia on the street and said “Hey, I heard about you and how generous you are!” they would be embarrassed, because it is simply their nature to give of themselves.  They are truly Everyday Stars who consistently lift others without fanfare or attention.  They summed it up this way: “We have been blessed so much by the Lord…we can’t help but want to give back.”