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Alexis Searles - Artist, Bill Fetrow - Everyday Star (C-11)




Alexis Searlers, Student Artist
Norwell High School

Bill Fetrow
Everyday Star

“Heart of a Servant”.  It’s an award the city of Huntington bestows to individuals who are special givers.  In April 2011, the city presented Bill Fetrow with this award in well-deserved recognition of his generous spirit and love for others.   He served as Executive Director of Love Inc., and established a strong community outreach program that links people in need to various vital services.  A Huntington-based non-profit, Love Inc. helps local churches transform lives through mentoring; counseling; food banks; home furnishings; personal finance and budgeting assistance.   Bill passed away from cancer at the age of 58.  He devoted his life to helping others and, although his life was cut short, his influence lives on in the lives of those he helped.

The hearts hidden in the tree represent his work with Love Inc.  The canned food and produce in the house, and the child on the swing represent the countless lives that both Bill Fetrow and his organization have aided and changed.