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Karen Wade - Artist, Tom and Margie Jehl - Everyday Stars (D-10)



Karen Wade, Professional Artist

Tom and Margie Jehl, Everyday Stars

While many philanthropic people use their resources to build monuments in their own memory, Tom Jehl and his wife Margaret believed in fostering the soul and spirit of a community through their generous gifts. "If you are looking to opportunities to contribute money and time, invest in young people," said Tom.  "Enrich their lives, give then opportunities and skills."

In their many years of shaping the Fort Wayne community, the Jehls helped co-found the Lifetime Sports Academy, where hundreds if disadvantaged youth have received free lessons and coaching in tennis, swimming, and golf.  They gave generously to support the launch of the football program at the University of St. Francis, and were deeply interested in the personal growth of student athletes.  Their influence shaped the development of the Georgetown Little League program, creating an environment for children and teens to learn about sportsmanship and healthy competition in their own backyard.  Through the scholarship program at their home parish, the Catholic Church of St. Jude, Tom and Margie contributed not only financial resources, but also leadership in helping young people gain access to college. They built and maintained a small park in the Lake Forest area for children and families, emphasizing their commitment to neighborhood and community.

Through the Jehl's day-to-day business focused on "brick and mortar" structures such as the Georgetown Square Shopping Center and Apartments, their commitment to family, youth, and opportunity for all is their lasting contribution to the Fort Wayne community.