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David Mohr - Artist, Jim Casaburo- Everyday Stars (D-11)




David Mohr
Celebrity Artist

Jim Casaburo
Everyday Star

Jim Casaburo is a selfless and kind man, uncommon in many ways. A business owner and operator, he uses his blessing to bless others.  He and his family have quietly supported many local charitable functions that primarily serve our underserved youth.  Jason Baker, a friend who considers Jim a philanthropic inspiration, and whose charity has benefitted greatly from his blessings, asked him "How can you manage to help to many so much?"  His response was quite simple..."It's the right thing to do."

Most notably, he gives his time and resources to make the young people struggling with cancer or surviving cancer at Camp Whatchawannado smile and laugh each summer.  Along with that, he maintains a close relationship with many of those who attend the camp and aids in their comfort, hoping to make each day brand new and bearable as they struggle with cancer and its treatments.  To many, Jim Casaburo is a guardian angel and helps them to think things possible when others won't.

From JR Norfleet, a camp attendee who suffers from a form a lung cancer: "There is always that one person God put in your life that helps guide you through your worries, some people call them good friends, but to me they are guardian angels and Jim Casaburo has been my guardian angel in my life.  I know God has sent Jim to me for a reason."