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Nondus Carr - Artist, Dr. Jane Weaver - Everyday Stars (E-11)




Nondus Carr
Parkview Staff 

Dr. Jane Weaver
Everyday Star

I met my “Everyday Star” in April 2001 as we decided together how to deal with my diagnosis of breast cancer.  First time for everything…it was also the first time anyone prayed with me before performing surgery.  Five months later, Dr. Jane left Fort Wayne to devote her life as a surgeon in San Lorenzo Ecuador, one of the poorest areas of that country.  I believe Dr. Jane makes us better people here in Fort Wayne.  Many of her family, friends, and fellow physicians have gone to Ecuador to help.  I also believe that her example inspires us to be better people…to help however we can in our own community.  We are blessed to be able to see Dr. Jane at least once a year when she returns for her “annual chili supper”.  We get to hear stories, give her a hug, meet some of her friends from San Lorenzo, and are privileged to support her mission.  And the chili is very good!
To quote others: “She’s warm, she’s gentle, and she’s kind.”
To quote her: “San Lorenzo is where I was called to be.”
To quote myself: “She is an angel here on earth.”