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Karen Gibbons-Brown - Artist, Carol Krull Lupke - Everyday Stars (F-9)




Karen Gibbons-Brown
Celebrity Artist
Fort Wayne Ballet Executive Director

Carol Krull Lupke
Everyday Star

Our community is rich in so many ways.  One of our strengths is the importance we place on feeding souls.  The fine arts have a strong and significant presence in our everyday lives.  A very quiet, yet bright, Everyday Star in our community is Carol Krull Lupke.  Fondly known for generations as “Miss Carol”, she has brought dance, specifically ballet, to thousands of young people.  First as one the original dancers of Fort Wayne Ballet, a teacher, advisor, “Miss Carol” was there at the beginning and continues to offer her infinite wisdom and talents to the entire dance community.  Through her dedication and passion in dance, she has inspired more than ten generations of dancers to reach for the highest star and strive only for excellence.  As an educator, the ripples she has created in our community and beyond exceed a lifetime of successes.  Those ripples create stars in their own right.  Her touch continues to leave a most positive and permanent mark of beauty that continues to feed the souls of our community.  And will for generations to come.