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Jim Sparrow - Artist, Bud Latz III - Everyday Stars (F-10)




Jim Sparrow
Celebrity Artist
Arts United Executive Director

Bud Latz III
Everyday Star

Bud Latz returned to Fort Wayne after service in WWII eager and ready to get involved in supporting his hometown.  By the late forties and early fifties Fort Wayne had a young but dynamic traditional arts scene filled with newly formed arts institutions and a great arts tradition.  Bud was involved in the creation of the Fine Arts Foundation, a new concept of both an arts council and an arts fund.  The institution’s primary goals were the raising of operating funds and the establishment of beautiful public arts facilities ushering in the expectation of a world class experience.  Bud’s crowning accomplishment and the one he was the proudest of was his chairmanship and role in the design and building of the Arts United Center on Main Street.  Architects were screened from all over the world including the most famous of their day.  Louis Kahn was chosen to create an arts campus comprised of twelve buildings as part of the revitalization of downtown Fort Wayne.  Only the Arts United Center was completed in 1972 as part of the original vision, but in doing so Louis Kahn created his only theatre and Fort Wayne was given a world renowned architectural jewel and a home for the arts.  Its design is widely recognized as simple but exhibiting a face or expression giving the building a life of its own.  Bud remained active in supporting both Arts United and the arts as board member, advisor, and advocate until his death and his passion has remained an inspiration as we continue to push our community to challenge to strive to be world class.