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Kiesha Shaffer - Artist, Mary LaRocque - Everyday Star (C-16)




Kiesha Shaffer
Student Artist
North Side High School

Mary LaRocque
Everyday Star

Many in the community do grand things on a grand scale, but sometimes the smallest acts of kindness add up to greatness.  Mary LaRocque is a helper.  Every day she does the little things that make a tremendous difference in peoples’ lives.  From volunteering at her local church day care to rescuing animals to helping families in need, her kind heart and welcoming smile brighten the  days of lots of people.  Ever since high school Mary has loved helping, particularly helping children. She gives away toys and volunteers at day camps as well as teaching Sunday school. Her love of people has inspired her in her position as a social worker, but helping is not just Mary’s day job, it is also her leisure-time hobby!