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Bill Beymer - Artist, Lorri Meyer - Everyday Stars (F-13)




Bill Beymer
Parkview Staff 

Lorri Meyer
Everyday Star

What began as a commitment that Lorri Meyer expected to occupy a couple of hours a week, has become a passion for her that finds her spending time almost every day at the Mad Anthonys Children’s Hope House.  Lorri has expanded her volunteer involvement from initial help with cooking, cleaning, and basically everything in between; to sitting on the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors and performing as Director of Fundraising.  The Mad Anthonys Children’s Hope House provides lodging as well as a loving, safe, and caring place where families can enjoy a warm meal and interact with other families who are experiencing similar challenges, while still being close enough to their children in the hospital to be comfortable.  Lorri participates in a variety of fundraising activities including the “Holly Days Marketplace” (a collection of various vendors selling their goods to raise money to support the charity), walk-a-thons, and the “Kids Helping Kids” annual basketball tournament held at the Spiece Fieldhouse.  By helping to raise money for this charity, Lorri is really providing hope and love for families of critically ill children at the time they need it most.