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Paul Demaree - Artist, Patricia Adsit - Everyday Stars (G-4)




Paul Demaree
Parkview Staff

Patricia Adsit
Everyday Star

Patricia Adsit was born in Long Beach, California, attended Michigan State University, and moved to Fort Wayne in 1960.

“My involvement in the community began while teaching in the Fort Wayne Community Schools.  I taught at Forest Park, Glenwood Park, Arlington Park, and Weisser Park.  My teaching was done in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades.  At Arlington Park I was challenged by my school administrator to develop a volunteer project for my students.  I contacted the Fort Wayne Philharmonic and asked if they had anything that children could volunteer to help with.  They did and the children helped put renewal forms on the back of each chair in the Embassy and also helped with mailings for the Philharmonic Friends.  Volunteering for this great organization made them feel important.”

After retiring from teaching, Patricia volunteered at her church as a receptionist and also served on boards and committees for the Fort Wayne Philharmonic, Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Fort Wayne Ballet, SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now), and the Heartland Chamber Chorale.  Patricia has also contributed generously to these and other organizations and special projects.  Patricia’s passion in life is giving.  Inspired by great art and music and by a deep spirituality she claims each day as a day to help make the world a better place.  As an elementary school teacher Patricia treated each student as a unique individual with great potential.  As a seasoned “giver” she looks for unique organizations and great causes to support and encourage.