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Jane Avery - Artist, Charles Fine - Everyday Stars (G-16)




Jane Avery
Celebrity Artist

Charles Fine
Everyday Star

“Charlie” Fine was the unofficial founder of Community Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Indiana, Inc.  In the Jewish tradition, feeding the hungry is a core value and Charlie took that value to heart as good as any person ever has.  In the 11 years that I had the pleasure and honor of knowing Charlie, he served as a mentor that helped me and the community at large understand not only the struggles of those needing food assistance, but more importantly how everyone can play a significant role in relieving hunger.  He was passionate about talking to people in positions to help about the stories of those needing help.  He never was overly dramatic but while he spoke you saw the depth of feeling he had for the hungry and pleasure he took in “making the connections” between those who have with those that have not.  Charlie is an “everyday star” that shines brightly in the lives of thousands of people who either give or receive help from the efforts of Community Harvest Food Bank.