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Eli Crow - Artist, Andy Hyndman, Everyday Star (D-2)




Eli Crow, Student Artist, Leo High School

Andy HyndmanEveryday Star

In his work as a church youth pastor in Leo, Andy Hyndman inspire youths in his Sunday Youth Groups and Wednesday Bible Studies. His days are filled with the helping young people to face their inevitable challenges.

But beyond this day job, Andy donates countless hours of his own time working to improve the lives of the less fortunate in Leo.  He has created an organization that he calls “The Revolution of Hope”. Their mission is assisting homeless men in the area.  Andy provides the common comforts of clean clothes, food and, most importantly, friendship to men who desperately need these basic things.  With a unique ability to look beneath the surface, Andy can see through the darkness and into the true humanity of these unfortunate men.  Their lives can be an arduous journey and Andy makes that journey more bearable for each one of them.  Andy Hyndman is an example of the best in each of us and he is truly my everyday hero.