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Rev. Ann Steiner Lantz - Artist, Bishop R. Sheldon Duecker - Everyday Star (G-19)




Rev. Ann Steiner Lantz
Parkview Staff 


Bishop R. Sheldon Duecker
Everyday Star

The symbols I have chosen to represent Bishop R. Sheldon Duecker (retired United Methodist Bishop) are the compass and three Korean words. The compass needle is moving toward north. Bishop Duecker’s unwavering faith in the midst of difficulties and adversities is true north to me. It is the standard that I hold myself to each and every day. The Korean words represent the work that Bishop Duecker did with the Korean Methodist Church, a cause to which he was strongly devoted. The words are, “Faith, Hope, and Charity.” All three are apt descriptions of the life and work of my mentor, pastor, colleague, and friend, Bishop R. Sheldon Duecker.