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Chris Rupp, Parkview - Artist, The John Martin Family - Everyday Star (B-17)




Chris Rupp
Celebrity Artist

Parkview Board of Directors

The John Martin Family
Everyday Star

My “Everyday Stars” are the family of John and Tracie Martin.   When reflecting on the theme of “Generosity Heals”, the Martin family immediately comes to mind.  I have known the Martins for a long time, and have seen many times the quiet ways of their generosity.  Family is very important to them, and they have opened their arms and hearts to so many and welcomed them as family.  John has volunteered for local organizations, but I have come to appreciate him more for his quiet way of helping others.    I was recently touched to hear a story about the Martins’ involvement in “No One Dies Alone”, a program of Parkview Hospital Chaplaincy.   The entire Martin family volunteered to spend time with a gentleman in his last days, including John spending the night in his hospital room.   The Martins stayed with the gentleman for several days, interacting with him as if he was part of their own family, and he passed surrounded by “family”. 

Tracie is well known for her involvement in the development of Erin’s House and the entire family has been involved with Erin’s House volunteerism and support.  This spirit of generosity is also exemplified by the Martin daughters.   Aly recently returned from a three year term of service with the Peace Corps in Namibia, Africa, teaching children in a remote school.    Madeleine is a frequent volunteer at Erin’s House having helped design the “quiet room” and the “Healing Hearts” manual.  She has also been a Big Sister and is known for her compassion for others.   I have also recently heard stories of John’s sister Anne, who recently retired from teaching children with special needs, who routinely went above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of her students. 

It is an honor to recognize this family of “generous healers” with a Murosity Canvas.  I chose a Martin House to represent commitment to family and community as the Purple Martin is a species of bird that lives in colonies of multiple family nesting as a community to which they return every year.