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Catherine Wilcox - Artist, John Shoaff & Ian Rolland - Everyday Star (A-8)




Catherine Wilcox
Parkview Staff

John Shoaff & Ian Rolland
Everyday Stars

Back in 1912, Headwaters Park was the dream of a man named George Kessler.  George envisioned a park at the confluence of Fort Wayne’s three rivers.  That dream never moved forward until a disaster occurred in Fort Wayne in 1982.  At that time, Fort Wayne experienced one of the greatest floods in its history.  Battered by the flood waters, businesses and residents were badly impacted.  The idea that a park at this confluence could become part of a flood control plan gave birth to a plan to create Headwaters Park – expanding on George Kessler’s dream.  This park would serve to revitalize Fort Wayne’s downtown.   It would be a location for festivals, entertainment, and recreation.  It would make our city a better place to live.

Through a gift of time, talent, and treasure by Ian Rolland and John Shoaff, Headwaters Park became a reality.  Their gifts were with support of bi-partisan leadership in and through Mayors Win Moses and Paul Helmke, with Geoff Paddock assuming the role of the first executive director of Headwaters Park.  Today’s downtown Fort Wayne is growing and thriving because of the impetus that Headwaters Park afforded, through the gifts of Ian Rolland and John Shoaff.