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Katherine Rohrbacher - Artist, Earl Wells - Everyday Star (A-19)




Katherine Rohrbacher
Professional Artist

Earl B. Wells
Everyday Star
Former Director of the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo

Earl B. Wells is an Everyday Star and a treasure to both the Fort Wayne community and to the Children’s Zoo. In 1952 land was added to Franke Park to establish a nature preserve and its popularity led to the building of the Children’s Zoo.  Earl Wells was hired in 1964 to supervise the new Children’s Zoo that opened in 1965.  Through Earl Well’s vision, passion and leadership, the Fort Wayne’s Children’s Zoo became recognized for its innovative displays, award-winning animal exhibits and educational programs.  Earl Wells was director of the Children’s Zoo for 30 years and took it from a nature preserve, to a petting zoo, to one of the most highly-respected children’s zoos in the United States.  Mr. Wells died in 2004 but his legacy continues as the Fort Wayne’s Children’s Zoo is recognized as a world-class zoological facility.