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Diane Overmyer - Artist, Dr. Mike and Grace Mastrangelo - Everyday Stars (B-2)




Diane Overmyer
Professional Artist

Dr. Mike and Grace Mastrangelo
Everyday Stars

It is my honor to have Dr. Michael and Grace Mastrangelo for my Everyday Stars!

My painting symbolizes how the Mastrangelos have helped to build this city and stood in the gap wherever they have seen a need in the community.   Much like bridges take people to a place that they could not go without the bridge, the Mastrangelos have played key roles in helping the community, organizations and individuals to overcome obstacles and reach their goals.  Michael is a surgeon who is well known for his medical professional achievements.  He has aided with a number of major developments in healthcare, both in terms of new procedures which he developed or helped to develop while working at Parkview Hospital, and in creating accessible treatment to all people through his involvement with the Matthew 25 Health and Dental Clinic.

The bridge I used as my inspiration is the bridge at Lawton Park in Fort Wayne, because both Michael and Grace have helped with the beautification of this city’s waterways and parks.  The woman in the center of the bridge stands with her arms outstretched in celebration of her health and her accomplishments.  She represents all of the people whose lives have been touched through the countless hours Michael and Grace have served on boards and through working as actual volunteers in over 50 organizations and charities.  Their scope of influence has been so large, that I had to paint the Fort Wayne skyline to relate just how they have quite literally helped to build this city into the great place that it is today!