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Karen Moriarty - Artist, Mike Packnett - Everyday Star (B-3)




Karen Moriarty
Professional Artist

Mike Packnett
Everyday Star

Mike Packnett is a great guy with a large vision who is finally hitting his stride.  As co-creator and facilitator of VISION 2020, Mike is creating a map for the future of the Fort Wayne community with his vision for economic and cultural vibrancy in this region into the year 2020.

Mike, originally from Oklahoma, moved his way up the corporate ladder beginning from his first position as  janitor.  While crossing the country serving  in major hospitals  he finally  moved to Fort Wayne 5 years ago with his wife, Donna,  to take the CEO position at Parkview Hospital.  An avid community planner, he has always been a driving force in  all communities he served . Now his wife, Donna, says that VISION 2020 is the culmination, the crowning glory, of his years of community involvement.  Fort Wayne is a fortunate community indeed to have Mike Packnett as a guiding Everyday Star!

The VISION 2020 initiative is  comprised of a group of regional leaders who are creating a blueprint for prosperity and cultural enrichment.  The pillars of this blueprint involve encouraging schools to graduate more talented people equipped with the skills needed for the 21st century.  It involves creating an entrepreneurial business climate to help existing businesses prosper as well as attract new businesses.  It will inspire innovation to encourage cultural development and higher quality of life for all residents.  The plan maps out the infrastructure, road and rail, which will be needed to support this new and vibrant community, as well as encouraging fundraising which will enable all this to happen.

My painting is of a map of Fort Wayne under a magnifying glass as Mike peers deeply into the region to focus on opportunities and needs.