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Terri Buchholz - Artist, Beth & Roger Wilson - Everyday Stars (B-6)




Terri Buchholz
Professional Artist

Beth & Roger Wilson
Everyday Stars
Volunteers, Fort Wayne Children's Zoo

Beth and Roger Wilson embody the spirit of the unsung hero in Fort Wayne.  They have been long- time volunteers at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo as well as countless other volunteer projects and ventures.  In this painting, they are represented by Beth in a role she cherished.  Because of her experience as a Zoo helper and her vocation of nursing, she was selected as one of the surrogate caregivers for the orphaned baby Orangutan, Dumadi.  Roger has donated his skills to provide construction repairs and concrete work for the Zoo and both have been regular volunteers at the Halloween event for decades.   

They are both devoted to giving their time, money, and strengths selflessly whether it’s local organizational events or helping others across the country and beyond.  They were there when help was needed with sandbagging during the Fort Wayne floods and volunteered their time with binoculars in hand during the Falcon Watch effort.  Beth has shared her skills as a volunteer school nurse and each year recruits artisans to offer donations to the Cystic Fibrosis Silent Auction.  Roger has organized winter clothing drives and worked with The Backyard Missions to repair homes in our community.

Reaching beyond local needs, Roger has made multiple trips to help with clean up and construction in post-Katrina New Orleans, trips further south to help in the rebuilding of a church in Reynosa, Mexico, and has delivered donated computers to an American Indian community in Arizona.  And closer to home, they are there for family and friends without being asked during times of personal crisis.

They continue to give of their time and generosity while working their full time jobs and being devoted parents to their now grown children.  And they do these things quietly in a true altruistic spirit.