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Nicole Moore - Artist, David Platt & Dana Wichern - Everyday Stars (B-8)




Nicole Moore
Professional Artist

David Platt & Dana Wichern
Everyday Stars

Spend a few moments talking with David Platt and his wife, Dana Wichern Platt about their lives and one thing is certain: they are in love with Fort Wayne.  They can show you all their favorite hangouts and restaurants. David will drive you through the neighborhood he grew up in and Dana will point out the architecture of the city.  They will most certainly sing praises about the Fort Wayne Public Library and speak fondly of their involvement with the Fort Wayne Museum of Art.  They will recall, fondly, stories of former colleagues and varied local celebrities they have had the pleasure of knowing over the years.  Great communities are built on great people and Dave and Dana are, in more ways than one, woven into the fabric that makes Fort Wayne a special place.

Both Dave and Dana spent more than 40 years serving in the Fort Wayne Community School System, both as teachers and administrators.  A graduate of North Side High School, David returned there to serve as a teacher in music education and a curriculum consultant.  He also served as a Vice Principal at Snider High School, as well as Principal at the Regional Vocational School (now Anthis Career Center).  Eventually he would move to the Central Office and serve as the Director of Program Development and Evaluation.  Throughout his time working in the school system, David also served on many boards, including President of the McMillan Center for Health Education and President of the Downtown Rotary.  David firmly believes that “school does not exist outside of community”, and his commitment to serving youth continues today as he tutors young students through school and community programs.  Dana describes David as “having a passion for providing youth with enriching education”.

Dana has also had a valuable impact on students over the years teaching English, first at North Side High School, and later at Northrop High School.  She also served as Dean of Women at North Side High School as well as the Head of Student Leadership Development, a roll she truly enjoyed.  As the Assistant Director of the Regional Vocational School, she directed the Gifted and Talented Program as well as Communication and Community Affairs.  For over 10 years Dana has been a regular contributor to the Journal Gazette. David will tell you that both he and Dana taught many of today’s Fort Wayne Leaders in school and enjoy seeing their success.  Dana’s service to her community continues today in the form of working with the arts.  She was an instrumental part of publishing the “Mastodons on Parade” book for Fort Wayne’s Community Art Project.  As an avid writer and lover of art she continues to be involved with projects and exhibits through the Fort Wayne Museum of Art as well as a published member of the Quest Club, an organization unique to Fort Wayne.  David describes Dana as having a commitment to lifelong learning.

I have selected David Platt & Dana Platt as my Everyday Star because I believe they encompass the concept of this project.  Their love for their community and their lifelong commitment to its youth and education is evident.  Teachers are known for the impressions they leave on others lives. I can only imagine the impact both David and Dana have had on the youth of Fort Wayne over the years.  With everyday stars like David and Dana amongst us, it is easy to see why Fort Wayne is such a wonderful community.

In my painting I wanted to convey the idea of building the future through the importance of education, a concept that I believe the Platts represent.  I put a specific focus on Music and English, since those were Dave and Dana’s specialties, respectively.  I also included sciences and the arts since they enjoyed serving in those capacities as well.  The acorns represent the idea that from little seeds, mighty oaks can grow.  The Platts planted many seeds in the youth of Fort Wayne and they are enjoying seeing what those little acorns have grown into.