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Mary Ann Halsey - Artist, Richard Freeland - Everyday Star (B-11)




Mary Ann Halsey
Professional Artist

Richard Freeland
Everyday Star

My Everyday Star is the well-respected Mr. Richard Freeland of Pizza Hut. I chose Mr. Freeland for personal and public reasons.

I wanted to find out about our Fort Wayne Everyday Star. After speaking with several staff members, employees, and friends I see what a tremendous human being he is, and why we are so fortunate that he  chose the city of Fort Wayne to build his business, but more importantly, build our community.

My canvas introduces you to this great person and depicts the essence of Mr. Richard Freeland. At the top left of the canvas there is a circular design, suggesting a pizza, cut into pieces. The original design was inlaid in the entrance bricks of their corporate offices. It is a strong design yet without the flare of commercialism. Anyone care for pepperoni?

In the top right of the canvas you can see a vague image of Mr. Freeland himself, "always smiling" as one of his friends reported. He is an understated man, subtle, not showy . His generosity is manifested in everything he is a part of. He freely gives of his time, energy, knowledge and experience to his employees and others. His gifts to area churches are automatic, with those images softly placed in the middle of the canvas.

In the lower left you see the red bricks, seen at Pizza Huts. The pathway flowing from the bricks throughout the painting is symbolic of all of the journeys Mr. Freeland aided by offering a better way of life, and giving people a sense of pride and accomplishment.. The leaf designs in the pathways are symbolic of his great people skills, always making personal connections. Not surprising, there are lovely pathways around their offices.

In the middle lower part of the canvas, the castle-like tower is a wink and nod to his incredible home estate. Next the pathway directs you to the gorgeous surroundings of trees important to the Freelands. And in the lower right part of the canvas a blue vase can be seen. The quest for a blue vase was the focus of a book that was given to Mr. Freeland by his greatest mentor, his father, a minister. Concepts of how to treat others, honesty, determination, passion, and responsibility emphasized in the book show us once again how character is primary to Mr. Freeland.

As a painter living in southwest Fort Wayne, it was enjoyable to paint about someone so well known in the area. As a Fort Wayne resident, I am thrilled to learn more about this incredible person we have living in our own backyard. It was my honor to paint this canvas.