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Don Osos - Artist, Lois Hess - Everyday Star (B-15)




Don Osos
Professional Artist

Lois Hess
Everyday Star

Lois Hess has been a long-time volunteer with various organizations.  Most notably, for the American Red Cross  for 50 years and the Girl Scouts for 48 years.

My painting depicts the people that have been the inspiration for the lifetime of work and dedication that Lois Hess has given during 50 years as a volunteer. To the young girls in scouting, she has provided the skills and values needed to make the decisions that helped shaped their lives, their families and our community. She has aided and counseled the individuals and families that have suffered from the losses incurred as a result of natural and man-made disasters, helping them to start to rebuild their lives anew.  In recognition for her contributions to our community she received, in 2007, the Jefferson Award for community and public service.