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Diane Groenert - Artist, Patrice Hunsberger - Everyday Star (C-6)




Diane Groenert
Professional Artist

Patrice Hunsberger
Everyday Star
Cancer Services volunteer

The white daisy was chosen as the logo for Patrice Hunsberger's massage office because of it's simplicity and straight-forwardness. She chose massage as a profession believing in bringing peace to the earth one body at a time. East Wayne Street Center was Patrice's first volunteer effort at the age of 16. As an adult she volunteered with the West Central Neighborhood Association. When funding was lost for the English as a Second Language course at the Anthis Career Center in Adult Education where Patrice was a teacher's aide, she volunteered to stay on for another year and is still working with a student privately. I admire Patrice because she is unstoppable. After only a partial recovery from Transverse Myelitis and losing the use of her legs, Patrice went on to study how to give comfort to cancer patients with massage and continues to volunteer for Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana.