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Penny French-Deal - Artist, The Eshelman Family - Everyday Star (C-15)



Penny French-Deal, Professional Artist


Alice Eshelman/The Eshelman Family,
Everyday Stars

Patriotism, Heritage, Family, Community, Appreciation and Respect …these words describe the Eshelman family of Roanoke, Indiana.  In recent years, the town of Roanoke has been transformed from a fading village to a community of pride due in large part of the vision, dedication and interest of the Eshelmans.  It is this sense of community that is dear to the heart of Alice and Pete Eshelman.

Starting in the upper right corner of the canvas is a scene depicting the Fort Wayne Philharmonic as they perform in Roanoke for the July Freedom on Main concert.  The concert has evolved into an evening of important lessons about patriotism and freedom.   It is a time to express gratitude for those who have served and are presently serving our country.

One will notice that Alice, Pete and Tim are painted in a transparent manner hidden within the background of this scene.   Many hours are spent working behind the scenes to follow through with tasks involved in each mission.

To know Pete is to know that he is a very patriotic person, thus you will see that he is depicted hanging the American Flag in preparation for the July 4th festivities.  Tim is shown focusing the camera as he prepares to capture the events of the community.  His respect for all that surrounds us is obvious in the subject matter of his photography.  Because of the sincere manner in which she cares about people, their individual visions,  as well as the benefits of preserving our environment, Alice is seen watering plants symbolic of her nurturing and caring manner.

One building at a time, one event at a time, this community is becoming a model for small town restoration.  Through the visions of this family, the citizens of Roanoke have worked together to build a foundation that provides hope, instills values and establishes a heritage important in the future of their town.

The generosity and kindness of the Eshelman family is an example for each of us to have a vision for and faith in restoring the values of small towns in America.