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Sarah Kleber - Artist, Shirley Woods, Euwell Wilson Center - Everyday Star (E-18)




Sarah Kleber
Student Artist
Bishop Dwenger High School

Shirley Woods
Everyday Star

When I was told we were to pick an everyday star in the community, someone who is altruistic and giving to the community I immediately knew who I would choose. Shirley Woods was who I painted my square for because she is the heart of the Euell Wilson Center. She endured a tragic incident and turned it into something that would ameliorate the community. Her son Euell was not only a gifted athlete but more importantly a model person and a friend to all. He unexpectedly past away while at college and the community wanted to keep his memory alive. Shirley Woods kept reflecting on the bible verse, “What good is it for man to gain everything and forfeit his soul.” Euell and his mother lived in an area filled with gangs and youth violence that Euell did avoid. She felt that Christ wanted her to do something for the children growing up in this atmosphere. The Christian based Euell Wilson Center emerged and provides youth with activities and positive programs. I happen to volunteer at the Center and have seen what a substantial impact it makes on all the children who go there and all the volunteers. It is truly a special place run by special people like Miss Woods. I painted a child looking forward to her bright future thanks to the center. The place makes the children know that they can become anything they want to be and make witnesses of Christ’s love.