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Julie Wall Toles - Artist, Dan Wire - Everyday Star (C-17)




Julie Wall Toles
Professional Artist

Dan Wire, Everyday Star

Since his days of being a Boy Scout, Dan Wire has always been around water. The Scouts taught him the importance of enjoying nature and the responsibility he has to preserve it. His civic accomplishments include building ramps for Turnstone for over twenty years, serving on the North Side Neighborhood Association, assisting with the organization of a local business revitalization district, teaching at North Side High School for over thirty years, and serving on countless waterway and sewer committees. When asked why he does what he does, Dan simply says, “Because it’s just a blast!” He is now the Co-Chair of the Friends of the Rivers and is passionate about getting others excited about the rivers too.

Bringing Fort Wayne back to the rivers is the theme of this piece. The water is spilling over the pitcher with books, fish, boats, and symbols to represent our need for sustainability. Dan is pouring the water onto our community, educating us on the importance of our waterways by teaching Fort Wayne how to improve the quality of the water while helping us to realize that living on the rivers can and should be fun.