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Larry Rowland - Artist, Francisco "Paco" Castillo - Everyday Star (C-18)




Larry Rowland
Artist, Parkview Staff
Executive Director Parkview Foundation

Francisco "Paco" Castillo
Everyday Star

Paco Castillo was born in Veracruz, Mexico and since arriving in the United States has given of both his time and talent teaching “the beautiful game” to young people throughout Fort Wayne.  Paco’s father was a minister who stressed to Paco the importance of giving to others and striving for excellence.

For the last few years, Paco has taken his Homestead High School soccer team and worked with the Wellspring Foundation teaching young immigrants soccer skills, English, and confidence.  Using soccer (futbol) as his backdrop, Paco teaches both athletic and life skills to children who are seeking to assimilate.  The importance of teamwork is taught as well.  Concurrently, Paco gives his Homestead soccer team a gift by enabling them to give of themselves as they help newcomers to our community.

Paco is a Spanish teacher who donates his time interpreting for the Latino community in church, school, and business.  Paco also serves as The Director of Coaching for the Citadel Futbol Club.

The soccer ball is portrayed as a “globe” signifying that the “world’s game” brings us closer together and is able to demonstrate how much we are all alike.