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Tabitha Crowell - Artist, Victoria Sengsteck - Everyday Star (C-19)




Tabitha Crowell
Student Artist
Canterbury High School

Victoria Sengsteck
Everyday Star

Victoria Sengsteck is a kind, generous, smart, senior student at Canterbury High school who tutors me in Advanced Biology. I have chosen Victoria as the subject in the "Murosity" project because she has dedicated her time this year to help me understand Biology at times when she had many other assignments, activities, or responsibilities to tend to rather than finding time to meet me. Victoria has helped me to understand Advanced Biology at Canterbury school by explaining certain key points to me such as the photosystems in chloroplast and Mitochondria. She explains such things to me by applying certain points in biology to things in everyday life; for example, the fact that we have little motors in our bodies that function by turning like "rotors" interlocking protons and releasing them to create a proton gradient. Finally, Victoria not only finds time to help me voluntarily, but she also helps other students who need help as well in subjects such as math or other such science majors like physics or chemistry.