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Chelsea Himes - Artist, Dr. Robert Godley - Everyday Star (D-1)




Chelsea Himes
Student Artist
Canterbury High School

Dr. Robert Godley
Everyday Star

I personally know Dr. Godley and he has to be one of the most charming, kind, and intelligent people I've ever met. He is a brilliant cardiologist and also the father of Erica Godley who is on the Canterbury High School Tennis team.  When he's not working at the hospital or volunteering at Indiana Tech as a physician for athletes, he is at our tennis games cheering us on while wearing his lucky white polo that has a bunny rabbit skull and crossbones logo on it.  His career has many highlights including being the co-founder of the Midwest Alliance for Health Education and the president of the Parkview Hospital Medical Staff, which is a non-profit organization to foster health education and research.  He has done much more than what is expected of him and embodies the idea of an Everyday Star perfectly.