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Loretta Kidder - Artist, Carmen DeBruce - Everyday Star (D-3)




Loretta Kidder
Parkview Staff 

Carmen DeBruce
Everyday Star

Carmen DeBruce, RN has spent the last 20 years passionately orchestrating Camp Watcha Wanna Do. Carmen is a key partner in this awe inspiring camp that gives children with cancer an opportunity to be kids for a week and parents a time to rest. Camp Watcha Wanna do then becomes I will do and I can do.  Carmen’s vibrant spirit draws you to her.

Portrayed is a child standing at the gathering space where they spending time talking together, earning beads and to have bon fires that is wrapped in one of the lovingly handmade quilts that are donated to the children. The child is holding a chalice to the heavens that holds the cure that we all hope for.

Carmen stands for hope, hope is for the children. Until there is a cure, there is a camp.