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Pat Weiss- Artist, JD Rolfsen - Everyday Star (D-5)




Patricia Weiss
Professional Artist

Carl D. Rolfsen
Everyday Star

This painting is in honor of Carl D. Rolfsen, a retired yet active former president and most trusted advisor of the Foellinger Foundation.  Carl has served on many boards in the Fort Wayne community, but is most known for his 25 years staying true the mission of the Foellinger Foundation.  Started in 1958 by the Helene R. Foellinger and her mother, the Foundation gives away millions of dollars a year to non-profit organizations helping children and the Fort Wayne community.  Each year the Carl D. Rolfsen Stewardship Award is given to an outstanding board member who has demonstrated at least three of the ten responsibilities identified in BoardSource; a book written for the boards of non-profit organizations.  The top of this painting depicts money changing hands which is what the Foellinger Foundation is noted for.  And the bottom is a silhouette of a community of individuals who will benefit from the generous grants from the Foundation.