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Lorri Meyer - Artist, Jason Baker - Everyday Star (D-6)




Lorrie Meyer
Celebrity Artist
Mad Anthonys Children's Hope House Volunteer

Jason Baker
Everyday Star

Fort Wayne native, Jason Baker, is committed to giving back and enriching the community in which he grew up.  After graduating from Wayne High School, Baker went on to build a respectable college career at the University of Iowa and then entered the NFL in 2001 and has spent the last six seasons with the Carolina Panthers.

Inspired by his sister who was diagnosed with a brain tumor, Jason founded Catie B Charities, which is dedicated to the development of a Continuity of Care program in the state of Indiana.  Families who have received a life-threatening illness diagnosis are provided with a representative who will assist them with the tremendous details involved throughout treatment.  
Jason also partnered with the YMCA of Greater Fort Wayne to create the Pro Football Mini-Camp, a three-day event for Fort Wayne middle-school football players. Through this program, players not only practice skills on the field, but build character through community service.  Through this camp, Baker aims to teach youngsters what it means to care about your city and the people who live in it.  Along with learning the skills and fundamentals of football, the youngsters learn what it takes to work at an organization in the city by actually spending two hours on site helping with a service project.  The mission is to teach the youngsters that through sports they can also learn the skills to become a responsible citizen.  Baker hopes those skills carry over to them taking responsibility with school work, helping around the house, etc.

Lorri Meyer was inspired by Jason’s football career and loved the flower on the Catie B. Charities logo so she combined the two by having the panther sniffing and taking in the scent of the flower…his sister, Catie.