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Kim Burns - Artist, Monsignor Lester - Everyday Star (D-7)




Kim Burns
Parkview Staff

Monsignor Lester
Everyday Star

Monsignor Lester was a magnificent example of living ones faith as a servant of men.  As a priest he was assigned to many parishes.  He was the Principal for Central Catholic High School, and was instrumental in the development of Bishop Luers and Bishop Dwenger Catholic High Schools in Fort Wayne.  In addition, he helped to shepherd 23 boys that arrived in Fort Wayne from the 1960's "Operation Peter Pan" exodus that assisted Cuban refugee boys in America.  These boys arrived in our city forever stripped from their mothers and fathers.  Monsignor provided these boys with shelter, spiritual guidance, and most importantly compassion, love and support.

The compassion of our Catholic Faith has provided my family with a shelter from our own personal storms.  And while I continue to strive to understand my spiritual calling, I wanted to recognize the servant leadership of Monsignor Lester that has and will impact many.

I chose Monsignor Lester as my Everyday Star because of his spiritual leadership and servant philosophy which has been a role model for this community.  I have depicted children gathered around a shepherd figure in front of an image of Central Catholic High School.