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Lisa Ransom Smith - Artist, Jane Novak - Everyday Star (D-8)




Lisa Ransom Smith
Professional Artist

Jane Novak
Everyday Star

I chose to create a portrait of my Everyday Star, Jane Novak, without actually meeting her. I wanted to paint her the way that others see her. The first thing that impressed me was that she is deeply loved by many.

"Jane Novak has been the guiding light and the spirit off NAMI Fort Wayne for 20 years. NAMI Fort Wayne was the recipient of the NAMI Outstanding Affiliate award in 2002. Jane is the perfect example of leadership that led, not be domination for forcing people to follow, but by inviting them on a journey, and then standing back and watching them succeed far beyond anyone's expectations."

-Kathleen A. Bayes

In my piece, Jane is carrying a torch with one hand, lighting the way in what was once mistakenly perceived to be a dark world. The other hand is open toward the people, inviting them to follow her. Some of the people are carrying hearts to show their love. One heart is broken to show the need for healing, hope, and understanding. The heart near Jane's hand represents that she is leading with love.

Now that I am an adult, there is something about bike riding and bubbles that make me feel like a child; carefree, innocent with a future full of hope. If you have ever tried to talk about an issue you were facing, but nobody quite understood, and then one day, someone said, "I get it." There is a huge sense of relief, a feeling of lightness. That is what the bubbles are about, the sense of relief, and a renewed sense of hope.