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Marty Pastura - Artist, Bernie Grieser - Everyday Star (D-15)




Marty Pastura,
Celebrity Artist,
Executive Director YMCA


Bernie Grieser,
Everyday Star

In the world’s eyes, Bernie Grieser was just a truck driver.  In God’s eyes he was one of the most important people on earth.  I chose Bernie as my Everyday Star because he was a selfless, servant leader that loved the Lord and he loved people.  I met Bernie at church as he was greeting people who came in.  In many churches this is a common practice to welcome people.  Many members of the church look at this as a duty of being a member but Bernie genuinely loved it.  You could tell that this guy was genuinely happy to see you and he made everyone feel welcome.

Bernie thoroughly enjoyed the little things in life.  He loved God, his family, his wife Sherri, his friends, his boat, his truck and his barbeque, but he always thanked God for what he had.

Bernie also had a passion for helping others.  He was passionate about helping people in Guatemala.  I never thought I was the kind of person that would ever go on a mission trip but I felt called to do so because of Bernie.  I was honored to serve the people of Guatemala three different times because Bernie asked me to consider going.  Bernie led the mission trips for several years.  Earlier I stated that Bernie was a truck driver. He thought he didn’t have the right leadership skills but let me tell you, in my opinion, nobody ever could do it as well as Bernie because he had the passion, compassion, drive, enthusiasm and loved to do it and do it well.

Bernie was my Everyday Star!  This past spring, Bernie passed away.  He died of of a disease that took his life within one year of diagnosis.  That shouldn’t happen to people like Bernie because he was good for the world but God had other plans and Bernie accepted that as a true leader would.  Bernie would say give all the glory to God…and he did.

Bernie’s story is important because we can all make a difference in our little corner of the world. Be someone’s everyday hero and make God proud to say “well done my good and faithful servant”.  Matthew 25:23