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Rita Bailey - Artist, Esther & Helene Foellinger - Everyday Stars (D-16)




Rita Bailey
Parkview Staff 

Esther and Helene Foellinger
Everyday Stars

Generations have enjoyed the benefits of the Foellinger family's generosity and giving.  The Foellinger family name is well-known through their philanthropic efforts across the Fort Wayne area.  The Foellinger family cultivated much from their success in the newspaper business and shared a great deal with the community.  As part of their legacy, the Foellinger Foundation was established to insure future generations will continue to benefit from their generosity.  Today's Foundation focuses on helping children and families through local agencies and programs.

The artistic inspiration showcases just one of the well-known iconic structures, the Foellinger Theatre, built in 1949.  The image is one of a glimpse of a family enjoying the outdoor setting, and waiting for a program to begin.  The bare feet of the child and one of its family members express the joy of the moment as well as the memories that are built through benevolent gifts provided by Helene and Esther Foellinger.