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Dr. Pamela Kelly - Artist, Judy Pursley - Everyday Star (D-18)




Dr. Pamela Kelly
Celebrity Artist

Judy Pursley
Everyday Star

Judy Pursley has been a tireless advocate of many diverse groups of individuals, especially children with learning differences and children from disadvantaged homes.  She taught elementary school in Fort Wayne from 1974-2004 and created a motor perception program to help educate children who had difficulty with traditional education techniques.  This work formed the basis of a program still being used in schools today. Judy contributes many hours and energy in support of SCAN (Stop Child Abuse and Neglect) and has been instrumental in providing clean clothes and diapers for SCAN’s Daybreak program, providing thousands of books for children and their families to read together, and energizing SCAN’s fundraising efforts.  She serves on multiple other Boards in the community.  Judy is also a wife, mother, and grandmother; a kind, caring, and gentle person who is much loved by anyone who has the privilege to know her.